The Complete Retail Sales Management Software

ForzaRetail offers retail businesses an end-to-end retail management solution to improve overall business performance through educated and accurate decision making. It brings all the retail aspects of operations together and provides a 360 degree view of business.

This comprehensive, fully integrated solution has built in flexibility to offer single- or multi-terminal and single- or multi-site capability. Real-time integration and reporting allows business managers to make quick and informed decisions, as all critical business information is instantly accessible.

With full integration into various other key retail management functions, ForzaRetail provides a comprehensive, proven and reliable solution to any retail business that want’s to grow and boost sales.


  • Sales Operations Management
  • Integrated Loyalty & Promotions
  • Inventory Management.
  • Purchase Management
  • Customer Management.
  • SMS & Email notification system
  • Employee Time & Attendance Management.
  • Integrated Financial Accounting
  • Data Security & User Access Control
  • Multi-location Management
  • Auomated Databackup& Recovery
  • Analytics & Reports

ForzaRetail Features

  • Touch-Screen Point Of Sale Module
  • Multiple Currencies payment Support
  • Multi-mode & On-Account Payment  Support
  • Bilingual Receipt  printing
  • Centralized Multi-location Management
  • Built-in Barcode and Label Printing
  • Integrated PDT enabled Stock Movement
  • User defined Cost Management -FOC, FIFO, LIFO etc..
  • Customizable Loyalty Programs Management
  • User defined Promotion schemes
  • Automated Backup system Recovery
  • Supports B2B & B2C transactions
  • User Privilege Secured for Fraud Prevention
  • VAT Integrated Accounting 
  • Real time Stock and Sales Updates
  • SMS & Email Push Notification
  • User Customizable Reports