Edu-Management ERP

Saggio -The Edu-Management ERP system provides the most complete solution for your University/College/School/Training Center. Administrators, teachers, and parents see their student’s progress anytime during the academic year with access to historical data for ongoing analysis. Additionally, the flexible reporting and data mining options provide confidence and peace of mind that district information is available for all your reporting needs. Administrators, teachers and parents can all work more closely with Saggio Network’s Student Management System to enhance the child’s education and lower administrative costs.

[Key Features: • Parent or legal guardian contact information.  •Attendance and tardy records.  • Medical history, immunizations and allergy information. • School nurse visits and health issues • Student disciplinary events and actions taken. •Class schedules • All student information is quickly accessible through the web, including demographics, scheduling, grading, attendance, test scores and discipline. •Customized report cards, letters and forms that can be printed for each family/guardian. • Built-in state reporting. • Ability to generate automated email / SMS notifications. • Multiple Service point of sale (POS), and more.]